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Derek Morgan
19 March 2016 @ 01:13 pm
Yeah this is Morgan. I didn't answer so leave a message.
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Derek Morgan
18 March 2016 @ 11:50 am

How's my driving? Feel free to con-crit my take on Derek Morgan here.
Anything constructive is highly appreciated.
Derek Morgan
17 March 2016 @ 09:07 am
Combat Training Studio Schedule

Basic Self-Defense Training
Taught By :: Derek Morgan
Monday :: 6:00 – 8:00
Location ::Youth Center Basement

Sword & Dagger Training
Taught By :: Buffy Summers
Monday :: 6:00 – 8:00
Location :: Youth Center Basketball Courts

Judo Training
Taught By :: Derek Morgan
Tuesday :: 6:00 – 8:00
Location :: Youth Center Basketball Courts

Polearm Training
Taught By :: Buffy Summers
Tuesday :: 6:00 – 8:00
Location :: Youth Center Basement

Firearm Training
Taught By :: Derek Morgan
Wednesday :: 6:00 – 7:00
Location :: Youth Center Basketball Courts

Crossbow & Archery Training
Taught By :: Buffy Summers
Wednesday :: 7:00 – 8:00
Location :: Youth Center Basketball Courts

Tai Chi
Taught By :: Buffy Summers & Derek Morgan
Thursday :: 6:00 – 7:30
Location :: Xanadu Courtyard
Derek Morgan
06 January 2012 @ 05:28 pm
[When the video feed comes on, the view is of the scenery rolling about in a circle. The culprit is soon to be revealed as the basketball that hit it is seen rolling away from the screen. Since the com landed on it's side, the concrete line that the ball is rolling up is vertical. Next, there's a sideways view of Derek jogging over and picking up the ball, bouncing it a few times as he scopes out the scene, and then Tim Riggins blocking him from the net they're playing one-on-one off of on one side of the basketball court behind the youth center. Both boys are sweaty as if they've been playing awhile, but the laughing and vague tones in their voices shows they're having a good time. This scene plays out for awhile, possession of the ball changes hands, hoops are made, they're both pretty adept at the game but they aren't keeping score.

Eventually, they walk over to the side of the court toward the video joking and talking unintelligible words as they do. It's obviously time for a break. Of course now Derek notices the device and picks it up.
] Oops. That's not good. Wonder if they reissue these if they get all scuffed up and broken.

[He notices the feed on and you get two flushed and yet amused and apologetic faces in the form of Derek and Tim.] Sorry about that. [Just behind Derek's left shoulder, Tim decides it would be appropriate to grin and flip off the video. And he's not sorry about it in the least.]

ooc: Responses will of course be from both Derek and Tim.
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Derek Morgan
02 December 2011 @ 12:53 pm
You know I'm all for having Christmas spirit and all that, I even enjoy a Christmas song here and there... but not when it's forced like this. Nothing's enjoyable when it's forced.

Also, 'tis the season for giving. The youth center has been pretty lucky with how people have always seemed to donate when we needed it so far. But with the past two months being so hectic, our cupboards are looking just bare enough. Just thought I'd put the reminder out there that our doors are always open if anyone needs shelter and we're always accepting donations like food, clothing, blankets and necessities or just a monetary donation so Faith or myself can go get those things that keep this place non-profit safe-haven it is.
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Derek Morgan
15 November 2011 @ 09:56 am
[Filtered to Cameron]
Hey pretty girl, just checking in to see when you're gonna be ready to go. You gotta work late tonight?

[Filtered to Faith]
Gonna be MIA for a week or so, curses permitting. You good with taking care of things at the Center by yourself for that long?

[Filtered to Buffy]
Hey, you mind taking over my self-defense classes this week?
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Derek Morgan
01 November 2011 @ 09:03 am
[The feed comes on to show a scene of the small garden/yard area in front of the Youth Center. There’s a ladder visible leaning against the trunk of a tree with two feet and legs on one of the top rungs of the ladder. Hanging from the trees is copious amounts of toilet paper. The morning after Halloween? Yep. It’s obvious some kids were having some fun last night and this morning is clean-up time.

No surprise, it’s Derek who descends the ladder with an armful of toilet paper which he stuffs into a big black trash bag on the ground. He moves to the porch where the device is and picks up a bottle of water. It’s then that he notices the light on, indicating that the device is filming. Derek leans down and grins into the video feed.

Hopefully November is a little less crazy, right?
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Derek Morgan
25 October 2011 @ 09:38 am
[Derek is out and about today. He's wearing a dark pair of sunglasses to hide his eyes from the sun that seems to be too bright for him today. And he frequently finds himself searching for indoors or shady spots to give himself a breather from the itchy discomfort the brightness gives him. The sun should be going down soon so that will give him some reprieve.

His lips have a bit of a red tint to them as he's just fed on someone, a random bypasser that unfortunately for them became his afternoon snack. Even his mindset feels different. Normally the white knight, Derek is suddenly feeling very dark, evil. It's a complete one-eighty for him and he knows it. However, it doesn't seem too unusual. It feels almost like a natural progression, as if he's finally giving in to all those underlying dark thoughts that he usually tries to keep hidden.

Anyone is free to come across him as he looks for more victims across the City.

[Action for Cameron]Collapse )

ooc: Assume it's later in the day, please. This is vamp Derek, and he will be attacking people so keep that in mind. Yay! :)
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Derek Morgan
09 October 2011 @ 09:30 am
[The video comes on to show that Derek is sitting outside the youth center on the steps leading up to the front doors. There's a dark aura surrounding him and a tiny rain cloud resting about an inch above his head. That cloud is is reason for sitting outdoors. It's pouring on top of him and he does not look happy about it. Better outside than inside.

He smirks and shakes his head.
] I've seen this curse before on other people and I think it's messed up somehow cause I'm fine. [And of course the rain cloud chooses that moment to let out a small roll of thunder.

Derek sighs.
] Looks like it's not letting up anytime soon though.
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Derek Morgan
01 October 2011 @ 08:37 am
[Derek doesn't actually say anything. But he's out and about for his first fourth-wall ever where he actually welcomes the idea of seeing someone he knows. The square seems to be the most busy place, so yeah, he's looking at all the faces for a familiar one. Feel free to run into him.]

ooc: 4th wall is a go! Anything goes except other Derek's. :)
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Derek Morgan
22 September 2011 @ 10:18 am
[The feed comes on to show Derek in hues of blacks whites and grays, his features drawn and hard. He's standing outside of the Hall of the Missing. It's a familiar place to many. The look of Derek all too telling as he has a tendency to wear his emotions on his sleeve when he's feeling them too strongly.]

I saw Summer and that friend of hers, Ryan's pictures in the hall. And Myrnin, another acquaintance of mine.

[Of course that wasn't why he was there. Stumbling across those three, who were friends of his, had been an accident.] Just so no one who knows them starts to worry. They've gone home.

[The video switches off and the next is just Derek's voice.] Reid's gone too. [The audio is shut off too.]
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Derek Morgan
10 September 2011 @ 12:30 pm
on my left knee from when I had to have knee surgery back in the day.

A calendar and that's about it. I should learn to decorate.


Rock, rap, heavy metal, alternative, hip-hop... most kinds, really.

I have no clue.

Read more...Collapse )

ooc: Cursed with the Quizzes and Questionnaires curse.
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Derek Morgan
02 September 2011 @ 12:50 pm
[Derek starts the feed and offers a smile to the network. He's sitting out back of the Youth Center on the concrete floor of the basketball/tennis courts. There's a light sheen of perspiration covering his skin, evidence that he's been doing some manual labor.] Hey, just wanna get a few reminders out there.

The Youth Center's always open every day for the youth and kids in the City to have a safe place to hang out. It's also open every night for if anyone needs a safe place to sleep. Between Reid, Faith and myself there's always someone here.

Also, it's been brought to my attention that I might need to occasionally remind people that the self defense classes that Buffy and I teach are always open to newcomers. We teach a wide variety of classes and would like to see any of you there who wanna learn. [He looks down thoughtfully and messes with the device a bit.] Sending the file of the class schedule now. [FILE TRANSFER]

And last, I'm still on call with the police department, so if you guys ever need backup or help with paperwork or whatever, just let me know.

[He smirks and grins again.] What can I say? I like to keep busy. Otherwise, I spent yesterday and this morning raking leaves from around the shelter. Think I finally got them all up. New month. Hope everyone's doing okay and that we see a few new people at classes starting next week. And I guess that's about it. [The video shuts off.]

[Audio filtered to Reid and Faith]
Got a stack of firewood out back ready to bring in.

[Audio filtered to Cameron]
Busy tonight?
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Derek Morgan
07 August 2011 @ 08:43 pm
[The voice you hear is not Derek's, it's Faith's. And he kind of refuses to turn on the video, for now at least. So the Network is getting some Faith voice but not Faith audio.]

There is nothing about this that's funny or cool.

Reid? Your clothes are smaller. Might need to borrow some.

ooc: Body Swap is a go! Derek is Faith for the day.
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Derek Morgan
04 August 2011 @ 12:43 pm
[The feed shows part of the nightstand the device is resting on, the corner of a bed, sheets rumpled and in the distance, a tall bureau by the door to a bedroom that leads out into a hallway. It's kind of boring for awhile as some accidental videos can be. There might be the slightest of movement in the sheets on the bed, but that's it. Until Derek appears in the hallway, in just a pair of sweatpants and carrying a tray with fresh steaming hot breakfast food and coffee on it. He literally bumps into the nothingness in the doorway, the coffee sloshing over the edge of the coffee cups and the plate and silverware rattling precariously on the tray.]

What the hell?

[He tests the entryway between the hallway and the doorway with his foot, unable to get through it again. Then he sets the tray down and places his palm against the empty space, pushing a bit against the invisible barrier to no avail. His gaze lands on the bed.]

Cam? Wake up, pretty girl.

ooc: accidental video of the Altair and Vega curse. Feel free to pipe in. Action for Cameron. Replies could be from Cameron and/or Derek.
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